Smoby Spidey 2W Foldable Scooter

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About this item:
Smoby Spidey Scooter with 2 Wheels and Brake
Foldable. Height adjustable handlebars. Sturdy metal frame
Max. Load capacity: 50 kg
Product dimensions (L x W x H): 70 x 32 x 83 cm
Recommended age: suitable for children over 5 years

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Easy to ride, foldable scooter with 2 wheels in the cool design of Spidey and his super friends.
With three friends Spidey, Ghost Spider and Miles Morales scooter ride for all young adventurers from five years to experience!
Equipped with a height-adjustable handlebar, the two-wheeled scooter adjusts to the child’s size in three stages.
The friction brake on the rear wheel and the safety handles with impact protection provide additional safety. Spidey and his super friends can be found in colorful motifs on the included stickers.
The design of the tread is scratch-resistant embedded in the metal.
The scooter can be folded to save space, as well as the handles can be folded and the scooter thus easily transported and stored.
The extra strong metal frame guarantees a safe driving pleasure.
The great leisure fun for healthy exercise and lots of good humor!
The popular Marvel series “Spidey and his super friends” shows the exciting adventures of the superhero Spidey and his heroic friends, who all have super spider powers: Spider-sense, super-strength, wall-crawling abilities and more.
All the while, each hero brings something unique to the adventure against the villains, and when they work together as Spider Team, they’re even stronger!