Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Table

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“The only table with water that is also a multiplayer game.
Shoot the center target and fill your pillar at the top. Once it’s full, the Battle Splash water table drenches the other players.
Fill your friends’ boats with water and they will sink into the sea.
Sprays the sprinklers for a spinning action.
Shoot the targets to fill the buckets below. When full, the buckets pop open and splash.
A connected hose is needed to activate the water cannons.”

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With the Fun Zone Battle Splash Water Table, kids compete to sink each other’s boats, spin the targets, fill the buckets, and spray water on one another! Each child gets their very own water shooter. Aim at the spinners or shoot the bulls eye targets to fill the hanging buckets, which spill water into the boats below. Be the first to fill the center pillar all the way up with water to soak your friends with the water sprayer!


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