Jungle Off-road Cart

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Size:34.5 x 13.5 x 18cm
Package Included:
1x Car
Match 2 Dolls Randomly
4x Baby Dinosaur
2x Big Dinosaur

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1. [Various sounds and light effects]-The dinosaur rescue vehicle has sound and light effects, which can simulate the sound of starting a car, the sound of a dinosaur, the sound of a crane, etc.
2. [High-quality and safe materials] Made of environmentally friendly and durable plastic, no peculiar smell, strong anti-fall ability, to ensure the safety of children, no need to worry about accidental damage. Children can play at ease.
3. [Play and learn] Children can give full play to their imagination, enter their own Jurassic Park, and explore dinosaurs through this dinosaur toy suit. You can introduce the names and habits of various dinosaurs to your children. Play a good educational role for them.
5. In the game, children can enhance hand-eye coordination, enrich their imagination and gain knowledge. It is a perfect toy for children.