L.O.L. Surprise Mini Family S3 PDQ

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TWEENS IN MINI SIZE: Fan-favorite Tweens are now in mini size, and have brought the whole family with them!
3 MINI DOLLS INCLUDED: Each Mini L.O.L. Surprise Family is an exact replica of their 6.5” fashioin doll, 3” LOL doll, and Pet.
ALL-IN-ONE BALL: Each Mini L.O.L. Surprise- Family comes inside a ball that opens into its own unique multi-room playset!
COLLECT THEM ALL: Collect all 12 Mini families to have larger than life fun on a mini scale!

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Introducing Mini L.O.L. Surprise- Family!
Your favorite Tweens have gone mini!
Each Mini Family is an exact replica of their 6.5” fashion doll, 3” LOL doll, and Pet, including their signature looks.
Each family comes in a ball that becomes its own unique multi-room playset for hours of all-in-one, imaginative play!
Will you find Aya Cherry, Fanime, and Fuzzy Fan? Or discover Emma Emo, Splatters, or Eau de Splatters?
Collect all 12 Mini LOL Surprise Families and have some larger-than-life fun on a mini scale!
LOL Surprise collectible dolls with stylish hair, fun to dress outfits and many detailed accessory pieces make a perfect toy and playset for kids including 4- to 7-year-olds and up girls and boys for imaginative pretend play!