LEGO Disney Princess Jasmine and Mulan Adventure

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Features a detailed palace toy with 2 floors and a small shrine, plus plenty of accessories to spark fun everyday play sessions.
Includes Disney’s Princess Jasmine and Mulan mini doll figures, plus Khan the toy horse, Rajah the tiger LEGO animal figures.
Kids will love this set full of imaginative possibilities, with settings based on 2 well-known Disney movies: ‘Mulan’ and ‘Aladdin’.
Hop onto the magic carpet and take a trip to Mulan’s shrine to see the plum blossom before you head back to the palace!
Princess Jasmine doll can pop up to the balcony to admire the view. Wait, who’s that? Yay, it’s Mulan, Khan and Cri-kee, coming to visit!
Using the LEGO Building Instructions app, builders can zoom, rotate and visualize a digital version of their model as they build.

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Disney’s Aladdin and Mulan fans of any age will be inspired by this LEGO Disney Jasmine and Mulan’s Adventure (43208) building toy.
It features a shrine and a palace castle toy, Princess’ Jasmin and Mulan mini doll figures, plus 2 LEGO animal figures, and comes with a toy horse!
It also includes interactive digital building instructions to help make the building extra fun.
Available in the free LEGO Building Instructions app, the intuitive zoom and rotate tools help kids visualize the model as they build.
These Disney Princess buildable toys help grow children’s confidence, then spark their imagination and creativity as they play out movie-based scenes or reimagine their own.
This set gets kids playing quickly with Disney’s Jasmine and Mulan mini doll figures, palace castle toy, plus Khan the toy horse and Rajah the tiger LEGO animal figures.
It makes a fun birthday or any-day gift that a great kid aged 6+ deserves for everyday fun.
Measures over 6.5 in. (17 cm) high, 8.5 in. (22 cm) wide and 3 in. (8 cm) deep.
Contains 176 pieces.


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