Mecha Deformation Dinosaur Suit – 4PCS

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About this item
Product Name: Dinosaur Robot (Suitable for: 6 years old and above).
Manual: Different shapes can be deformed and placed manually.
Flexible Wiring: Variable and arbitrary deformation can be used as decoration.
Body shape: The body shape of the human body is about 6-10 cm.
Body size: about 6-10 cm after deformation.

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Mecha Deformation Dinosaur Suit comes with different cute colors of brown, orange, violet, and green, your child
will absolutely be excited to play with them. Each piece has a unique dino print cartoon design on their head, limbs, and body inspired by books and movie themes. These 4 pieces of dinosaurs named Tyrannosaurus, T Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus are one of the famous dinosaurs in the world of Jurassic times and is perfect to add to your children’s collection.
The manual deformation will allow them to develop their fine motor skills in transforming them from dinosaurs to hybrid robots. With easy deformation features, your children can widen their imagination playing the dino robots like forming a squad in a battle, attacking a villain, chase each other, and so on. This could happen without the worry of being damaged because it is not battery operated, non-electric and parts are easy to transform.
Kids and adults who are obsessed with dinosaurs tend to take time in playing with these dinosaur robots. If the toy has fallen it doesn’t easily break since this set is well made of ABS material with no harmful elements. You can even carry it anywhere in the house, pool, bathroom, in the water, in the park because the size is not so small or big perfect for kids who are 6 years old and above to accompany them.