Microscope 100 400 1200x

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The C2173 microscope- in a case with the possibility of magnification up to 1200 times is a real portable laboratory that will help you take a step far, beyond the limits of ordinary perception!
– a container with a glass slide;
– 4 collection bottles;
– 2 blank labels;
– phone holder;
– dissecting knife;
– forcepss;
– passivation spatula;
– stirrer
– age = 8years+

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With the help of a wonderful game set, your little one will feel like a real researcher who understands the secrets of nature, who finally managed to get an important answer to his question or solve a difficult riddle.
Spending time with a toy microscope, the child will expand his knowledge about the world, independently studying various living and non-living objects.
Compact case for storage and transportation, will protect components from loss and deformation.
The lighting effects are powered by the included batteries.