NADO Standard Pack – Lightning Leopard

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The main ability of the Lightning Leopard top is endurance.

Invite your friends to fight with the Infinity Nado spinning top from season 6!

You can launch this Infinity Nado top with the Standard launcher sword, 39 cm long.

The sword will allow you to launch the blade into the arena as effectively and accurately as possible. In addition to the appearance, the method of installing and accelerating the top has also undergone a number of changes. Now the process of installing and fixing the top in the launcher has become even easier, and acceleration occurs according to a new principle, which provides high control and stunning launch power.

On the reverse side of the sword there is a “key” for assembling and disassembling the top.

The top of the top glows when you click on the avatar, spin in the launcher, and when spinning in the arena. The colorful, bright tops of this line look unforgettable when spinning in the arena.

Insert the spinning top into the special launching hole in the handle of the sword and move it along the blade of the sword. Wait for the click and pull the “sheath” of the sword back and forth to spin the blade.

Then aim and pull the trigger on the handle to launch the top into the arena.

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Description of the VI generation top of the Standard series:
High performance of the top in a duel is ensured by a balanced combination of a metal ring, a stable metal base and an exclusive avatar.

The updated Standard series top has 5 components:
Base with LED backlight (exclusive avatar Dazzling Leopard),
Metal top ring,
connecting ring,
Plastic bottom ring,
Metal base
The new top configuration allows for simplified assembly.
The LED illumination of the avatar is activated during the acceleration of the top and makes the battle more spectacular.

Features of the top:
LED illumination of the spinning top avatar
Each top from the Standard Pack consists of 5 parts
These elements are interchangeable with tops of the series: Starter, Standard and Advanced
With metal tip and metal ring

Launcher Features:
The launcher is designed in the form of a combat sword
Sword size – 39 cm
The sword will help you launch the top into the arena as accurately and effectively as possible
The top needs to be inserted into the launch hole in the handle of the sword, pull back the bolt on the “blade” to spin the top. Aim and press the launch button.

Parameters and equipment:
Series: Standard
Character: Lightning Leopard
Top type: Hardy
Players age: from 5 years
Batteries: LR41 x 3 pcs.
Contents: backlit spinning top, launcher sword, installation tool, LR41 batteries (3 pcs.)


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