R/C Infrared 4 Channel Robot

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Robot controlled by a remote control in the watch. It moves forward, left and right.
Press the front record button on the robot and the robot goes into recording mode.
In recording mode, the robot will move, e.g. forward, backward, left and right. Plays voice recordings as he walks.
The robot has flashing lights and funny sounds.
The robot is available in three colors
The robot is powered by: 3 x 1.5V “AA” (not included in the set)

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Walking robot with remote control.
This galactic warrior has multiple opportunities for entertainment!
The color of the robot is orange , green and red.
Everything is controlled by a remote control in the form of a watch worn on the wrist.
The advantage of the toy is that it can repeat what the child says.
The button on the robot element is responsible for this.
In the recording mode, the robot moves chaotically, the total recording time is 30 seconds.
After 90 seconds of inactivity, the robot switches to sleep mode.
You can wake it up by pressing the record button, and it will make sounds or light up.
The robot’s eyes glow with different colors.
All the words he said were written in English.
Thanks to the game, the child will be able to improve his knowledge of English.
The watch has such functions as:
* Move forward
*I’m going backwards
* Turn right
*Left turn
* songs
*to dance
* narration
* programming of the trajectory of movement
* cancel programming

*Robot size: 23×16 cm.
*material: plastic
* Robot power source: 3 AA batteries – not included in the kit.
* Clock power: 1×3 V
* age: 6+

Available in 3 colours:
* white and green
* white and red
* white and orange