Steffi Love Baby Surprise

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“Pregnant Steffi with a baby surprise. It could be a boy, a girl or even twins.
Includes 11 accessories for the baby.
Creating their tastes and their personality. Playing with dolls is part of healthy development because it allows children to free their minds and delve into their imagination and creativity.
Putting their dolls to sleep, feeding them or dressing them, makes their tender and nurturing side (empathy) flourish.
But it also teaches them to put into practice their fine and gross motor skills as well as creating their tastes and their personality.
Choosing colour combinations and patterns will help them create their own style. And more importantly, it will allow them to play at being grown up and control some aspects of their life.”

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Steffi LOVE is a real fashion doll. She loves chic clothes, trendy hairstyles, her little sister Evi and of course her boyfriend Kevin. Girls can style and dress their doll in the current fashion trends. The Steffi LOVE Baby Surprise is available in three great dresses. Steffi is pregnant and is really looking forward to her baby. But no one knows the gender yet. A boy? A girl? Or maybe even twins? To find out, the tummy cover can be easily removed and a baby (or even two) born. If you then turn the stomach around, Steffi has a flat stomach again.You must “open” the baby’s eyes using a damp cloth. The set includes a great surprise package with over 11 matching accessories for your little ones. So Steffi can take great care of her baby or babies. Suitable for children from 3 years.


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