Super Wings Transforming Tino & Pet

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Excerpt from season 6 of the popular TV series - Super Wings
In this season, the super fighters have all turned into wish keepers! 
Tino is a dinosaur and the oldest hero of the Super Wings. 
It has long disappeared and was only recently found by the Super Wings.
Tino is known as the legendary Super Wings Hero and is the best 
among the Super Wings Heroes. 
When the mission requires it, it can transform into a giant dinosaur. 
It's a cheap plane, but its courage, loyalty and strength speak for themselves! 
Grab your passport and join Jett and his friends as they travel the world 
delivering packages to children who need the help of the powerful Super Wings.
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About this item

  • The transformable figures roll on real wheels and transform into a posable robot in 10 easy steps.
  • The challenge is fun for children of all ages. Watch them master the transformation and reenact their favorite missions from the famous TV show for preschoolers.
  • Super animals are the cute and useful companions of superwings. Super cap is designed for Super Wings fans from 3 years old. Glittering light effect; slide over face to change emotions; real wheels work for smooth gliding, stack them on top of each other.
  • TINO is one of the oldest Super Wings, so old that it has become a dinosaur! It disappeared a long time ago and was only recently found by the Super Wings. Tino is also known as a “Legendary Super Wing” and is part of the Super Wings Hall of Fame.
  • Tino can change from its normal airplane mode to a huge dinosaur when its size and power are needed for a mission. It is a little spoken aircraft, but it communicates through its courage, loyalty and many powerful ROAARRRRRR!!! Tino and his new assistant… TINO PET!
  • Includes a transforming Tino figure and a Tino pet.