Go Green Playhouse

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“Go Green with this Clubhouse Mama and Baby the your recycling and teaching your environment
Living Playhouse has lots of activities including the recycling bin roof rack, and planting storage box
Children can learn the pump sinks and rain barrel Spare water
House has solar powered LED lights (see our other listings) for extra light inside the house”

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Teach your kids about recycling and save the environment with this eco-friendly toddlerhood clubhouse. Made from 10% recycled plastic, the Go Green. Playhouse™ is filled with eco-activities that encourage your child to help his or her environment. The cottage is powered by solar panel power-luminous energy-saving LED lights to provide extra light. Your little ones will be taught about recycling water with the pump attached to the water butt. The box and living-roof, garden, while the recycle give kids their space to collect and reuse. The playhouse for children will delight green.


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