Tikes Tough Workshop

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“Fun kid-size bench play set with 11 accessories
Hammer and nails help develop plastic skills hand-eye coordination
Saw “”Cuts”” Pretend Wood Planks
Sliding doors reveal plenty of storage space
Includes playing nails, hammer, wrench, built-in saw and vice clamp”

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“Little Tikes Tough Workshop
Kids can chop wood, pound nails, and more. The Tikes Tough Workshop is the right size for any bedroom, playroom, or family room. Sliding doors provide plenty of storage. Big enough for kids to play together.

With this kids tool bench anytime is construction time. It comes with all the tools your child needs to get started on any project.”

Hammer and nails help develop hand-eye coordination skills. Wooden saw play boards with hooks to hang your tools. Sliding door below reveals additional storage space. 11 accessories included. Assembly required.”


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